What Is Three Card Poker ?

Three card poker is a speedier and easier game than a traditional game of poker. it is first created by Derek Webb in 1994 and patented after three years in 1997. He wanted the poker game to be wound up fast.

There are three important features of a casino game such as: –
• The rules of the game can be understood easily.
• The payouts were decent and big enough to draw the players.
• There has to be a significant house edge in any game for a casino to adopt it.

Webb had to create a game that had all the features. Other than that, the game has to be entertaining and have some level of anticipation that creates a thrill in players. This is the key to make any casino game.

Card Poker

He incorporated a company known as Prime Table Games to sell and advertise the new variation in the gambling world of the United Kingdom and the USA. The National Casino Industry Forum, earlier known as the British Casino Association, told Webb that the county prohibits the use of such table games in the UK.

The forum found his assertions to be unsatisfactory and weak for casino patrons to allow these changes to be made to the existing rules. They were wary of introducing new rules in the game and suggested Webb experiment with it in the gambling market of the USA first.


The game was first allowed to be played in the Grand Casino Gulfport in Mississippi. The vice president of the Grand Casino, Barry Morris, accepted the introduction of games after Webb failed to sell the game to casino managers a Reno, Las Vegas, and Atlantic City.

However, Morris allowed it only because Webb himself trained the dealers about the game. He used to watch if the game was being played in the right order. After the success and subsequent adoption of the three-card poker into the mainstream of casino business, it was accepted by the United Kingdom in 2002.

Prima Table Games continued to sell the right to Three Card Poker till 1999. Shuffle Master acquired the right to the game after 1999. They were responsible to market it outside Britain.


A lawsuit was filed in the US federal court by Progressive Gaming International Corporation. The owner of Caribbean Stud Poker claimed the game created by Webb was infringing their patent rights.
Shuffle Master and Prime Table Games jointly contested the suit leading to a series of a countersuit filed by PTG and

Shuffle Master. Eventually, Prime Table Games proved in a 2007 countersuit that the PGIC suit of 1999 for patent infringement against Three Card Poker is invalid and groundless. It was found that Shuffle Master knew about this beforehand.

PGIC settled for $20 million and Shuffle Masters at $2 million as compensation to Prime Table Games.

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